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– ah-ma-ray –

Welcome to Amare Alchemy.  The home of sessions, products and services created and offered with love by Carley McGee.

Carley is a dedicated Mother of 2,  meditation teacher, reiki healer, intuitive, flower essence practitioner, writer and nature lover.

"Everything here is extended to you from my heart, and developed by connecting with Mother Nature and utilising the elements to alchemise and heal.  Allowing a co-creation – which enables shifts and transformation, for your wholeness, wellness and harmony." 

Carley IS unconditional love and her healings reflect that. She holds the space for me to cry or feel however I'm feeling, and somehow always knows exactly what to say. Thank you beautiful Carley, you have helped me so much. xx


Wow, the peaceful and relaxed way in which Carley greeted me was amazing, straight away I felt like I had known her for years.  My healing was another level. I floated out of her studio that day and I felt truly amazing.


 My healing/meditation session was an amazing experience, Carley taught me how to meditate and in turn this has helped me relax and re-set.  I'm sleeping better than I ever have and I'm now able to deal with life's worries and pressures with ease and grace.


When I received my personal affirmation I was moved to tears. Carley's gift is undeniable and I felt her love for what she does in every aspect of communication with her and in all of the products I received.


Darling Carley,

I could not be more grateful for you and your intuitive, sensitive nature. Promoting myself, my business and my skills was far too daunting for me. With all your care and natural ability, you promoted me and all I have to offer with grace and love.


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Give the gift of love, transformation and self-empowerment. Available for a wide selection of products, services and offerings.


Her Story

It was a deep remembering of Self, that lead creator Carley McGee to the business she now calls home, ‘Amare Alchemy’.

Based on the Gold Coast, Carley lives with her two darling children Jasper and Willow, where her deepest love can be found.

Their life is of blissful balance; morning rituals of sunrise gazing, frolics amongst the sands and waters of the stunning Palm Beach/Currumbin areas and a home life filled with shenanigans, laughter and love.

The pathway to ‘Amare Alchemy’ – meaning “Love Transforms” – was a dance and a gathering of all that Carley has adored her whole life. Her humble upbringing of explorative freedoms – dancing in the rain, playing along babbling clear water creeks, hiking amongst beautiful bushland, connecting with family on Sunday rituals at pristine beaches and creating potions with flowers – was where a divine connection with all things in nature was recognised and built upon. 

As a qualified Flower Essence Practitioner, Interior Stylist, Meditation and Children’s Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer and Writer, the birth of her business felt like a natural next step – a home where all her offerings could co-exist.

With time and self-love practices, Carley’s deep intuition grew along with her love of all things natural and so, organically ‘Amare Alchemy’ was created – a guidance, a pulling like no other – and as Carley grew and evolved, so did her business.

‘Amare Alchemy’ offerings are to fill a home with love – “with products and sessions to simply serve…” words from Carley McGee, however I can personally tell you they are a whole lot more.

Her collection is diverse with personal 1:1 Healing Sessions and Consultations; High Vibrational Botanical Potions (and they said you couldn’t bottle love); Card Decks, Channeled Affirmations and exquisite Bios; Workshops and Meditations; to Dried Flower Bunches with Symbolism and Affirmation.
Carley’s offerings emanate with love, and the intention, care and energy she pours into each product, service and session can be felt deeply.

Her warm nature makes you feel safe immediately and her loving expressions and considerate ways makes you feel like you have come home.

Carley’s expertise, experience and connection to the deep divine, allows for clarity and wisdom to fall safely at your hearts door. Her talent is quite hard to put into words, and is something that must be ‘felt and not telt’ as they say.

Carley – with her intuitive nature and words of comfort and support – truly brings a calmness, a love and a knowing that all is okay. She creates a place so safe that the darkest of layers can be acknowledged and lifted with such love and grand sustenance.

Her softness and, yet strong guidance is something I have never experienced before, her ability to bring you back to yourself is nothing short of the greatest gift – so simple and yet so powerful.

Carley’s heartfelt intention is for the ‘Amare Alchemy’ collection to facilitate ones journey back to Self; to remember one’s greatness; to deepen one’s self love practices and for all of this to ripple out to the collective, for the highest and greatest good of all kind.  

Her bright light and natural desire is to raise vibrations, to nurture, to heal and assist every soul that is guided here to ’Amare Alchemy’.

So, I invite you to step into your light and enjoy the bliss that ‘Amare Alchemy’ has to offer. Allow Carley and her offerings to show you the way home to your greatest Self, with a nurturing experience that will stay with you forever.

Hand on heart, thank you for the greatest pleasure to write on behalf of you darling Carley McGee.

— Words by Skye Katie Webster